Membership Policies

  • All membership sales are final, No-refunds


Member FREEZE policy

Members are able to freeze their membership for a monthly fee of $8 per month until able to return to the gym without changes to previous membership rate.

*We must receive freeze confirmation- 

10 days prior to next scheduled billing in order to change account status, no exceptions.

*All memberships resumed on June 29th 2020

Monthly Membership cancellation policy: All cancellation notices are to be received 10 businesses days prior to next scheduled billing cycle. Members are liable for all charges that are owed during cancellation notice period. Accepted forms of cancellations: cancellation notices are to be received by mail addressed to V Tone Fitness 1550 W Jarvis Ave Chicago IL 60626. Notices must include first & last name, billing address, written statement requesting membership cancellation, contact information, membership ID tag number, date and signature. Please note to ensure delivery of cancellation notice it is recommend to use USPS certified mail service. Other forms of cancellation; in-person completion of cancellation form can be completed at any time during normal business hours, Monday thru Sunday.