V-Tone Classes


V-Tone Class Descriptions

Strength & Stretch: Build up your strength while treating your muscles right by doing a complete stretch program. Stretching during and after strength training shows many benefits with increase blood flow and reduced muscle fatigue and soreness. All fitness levels are encouraged to attend.
High Intensity Interval Training: Blast the calories away with this mix of cardio moves and strength training routines. The differences in heart rate will promote ultimate fat-burning while you are having a great time learning easy choreography. The class will feature basic aerobics as well as kickboxing combinations and will tone and sculpt the body from head-to-toe!
Morning Boot-Camp: We love to hit snooze, but make Wednesdays a non-snooze day! Get up bright and early so that you can fit in an amazing workout before your day even gets going. This class features a mix of high intensity cardio with body weight strength exercises and emphasizes teamwork and perseverance. You’ll leave re-energized, refreshed, and ready to handle whatever the rest of the day has to offer!
Butts & Guts: The name may be catchy, but the workout is all business. Strengthen and tone your glutes and upper body abs in this power-packed 60 minute morning workout.
Total Body Strength: This class is strength-focused with a goal of keeping an elevated heart rate throughout the weight training routines. Total Body Conditioning offers great variety and makes excellent use of room space, free weights, and stability balls to give you a total body workout!
SPIN: This class is the meaner older cousin to Express Cycle. It utilizes the cycle as one of many tools to completely condition and challenge every muscle in your body. Some weeks will entail a complete 45 minute cycle, while other weeks will focus on transitions on and off the cycle to other heart-pounding exercises. Only one thing is for certain: you will be addicted to the high energy and unpredictability of this class!
Boxing Circuit: This high energy class is a powerful combination of boxing choreography and bootcamp strength training and cardiovascular drills. If you’re looking for a way to burn off some of your “weekend” calories, this is a great start to your Sunday.